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Check-a-trade.com History

LondonAirConnections was vetted for four years and we had much of our feedback received from our clients verified by Check-a-trade.com.

This partnership lasted for exactly four years between January 2014 & January 2017. During this time no feedback score from clients was lower than 9.25 out of 10! We only scored lower than 10 out of 10 on four occassions from all feedback received!

All in all we had quite a record at Check-a-Trade, but unfortunately we had to break our ties with Check-a-trade.com in January 2017 due to the increasing rates charged by Check-a-trade.com. Having assessed the cost, and with TripAdvisor.co.uk giving us our own rating page free of charge, we made the hard decision to not continue our partnership with Check-a-trade.

Now LondonAirConnections future now moves forward, with TripAdvisor.co.uk being a main means of being independently vetted. Of course you can always contact our office directly if you wish, but we would appreciate any feedback from our clients on our TripAdvisor page from now on.
We wish Check-a-trade.com all the best for the future.




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