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(Car Seats in Taxis - Child Seats in minicabs - Baby Seats in cabs - Safety Seats and the law - Child Car Restraints - Baby Car Chairs - Booster seats)

UK law states that whilst traveling in a Licensed Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle no baby chairs or child seats are required!
BUT... Passenger safety is our priority at the KGC Group and WE OFFER CHILD SEATS!

    WE OFFER CHILD SEATS (Small fee applies) (6 to 36 months only)

  • Our drivers are all professionals, therefore we leave the decision to you whether or not you require a baby/child seat.
  • We have been supplying car seats for children for over a decade and a half now.
  • We offer Universal Child Seats, but can not guarantee availability, so you must ask to reserve one when you book. Maximum 2 per vehicle.
  • Our supplied Universal Child Seats are for Children between 6 to 36 months old.
  • Only our own Child seats will be fitted by the driver, who will also inspect and check that all seats are secure before commencing any journey.
  • We may be able to supply a booster seat for older children too, but these are very limited. You can bring your own, and most airlines allow then in the cabin if your child has their own seat in the aircraft.
  • We are more than happy for you to supply your own seat, and are happy to store* clients seats between journeys if you are not wanting to use them on your flight / hire-car / onward journey. There is a small fee for this service.
  • Stored Seats must be labelled with name and address and return date - prior to journey date, so that we can easily identify them and bring them on your return..
  • We will not be able to store seats for one way journeys, and cannot 'deliver' them back after a journey.
  • All our vehicles are fitted with inertia seat belts and can take most car seats designed for seat belts.
  • Some of our larger vehicles also have ISOFIX seat fittings so you can bring and fit your own ISOFIX child seat/s for most journeys.
  • Please ask which ISOFIX ready vehicles we have available when you book.
  • Our drivers will expect clients (parents/carer) to fit their own seats.
  • Please mention in the 'special request' section of our booking form that you will be supplying your own chair, and the time and date of return journey for your seat's return.

  • One Child seat is £5 per journey. Two childseats are £8 per journey.
  • Child seats can be booked online using our usual online booking forms.

Click Here for more information about our services / Click Here for UK law on seatbelts and restraints.

Please note: Supplied seats may not be in a perfect or 'new' condition - bear in mind that they are used often by different children.
Our supplied Child Seats are checked over regularly to ensure that they are still safe to use and certainly safer than not using a Child seat at all. If in doubt please use your own seats.
As a licensed private hire firm we do not have to supply or offer child seats and we do so with limitations and no liability, other than current UK safety laws.
We may withdraw this offer at any time regardless of whether a seat has been booked or not.
This is a Gratis offer, and offered as a gesture - no financial or bonded contract is entered, by either party, when a child seat is booked or supplied.

We do not take any responsibility as to the condition of clients chairs, and strongly suggest that only 'NEW' seats with a BS Kite mark or equivalent, are used in our vehicles.
If your seat is second hand or old, you may find a local government sponsored road safety team in your 'Yellow pages' or Thomson Local' phone book, who will inspect it for safety. - there may be a fee for this.

INFANT or BABY SEATS (under 3months)

  • Unfortunately we do not supply seats for infants under 3 months. There a various reasons for this, including Hygiene problems - as a parent you probably understand.
  • You may supply your own Infant or baby seat, on the same conditions as for supplying your own Child Seats.

BOOSTER SEATS (Over 3years)

  • We do sometimes offer booster seats or booster chairs for children over 3.5 years - these are limited so please ask when you book.
  • Children over three years may use the lap belt part of our vehicle's inertia seat belts quite legally.
  • You may supply your own child's booster, on the same conditions as for supplying your own Child Seats.