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London Private Operators Licensing Warning!

'Minicabs', 'Chauffeurs' and All Private Hire Vehicle Operators,
have been Licensed in London since November 22nd 2001.

Any company/person offering these services without this license are
now illegal and therefore not insured and probably a criminal & unsafe!

BE SAFE: Use a Fully Licensed Operator...

  • KGC Group, and subsidiary companies,,, are operated by a fully Licensed London Private Hire Operator.
  • Licensing in London is by the London Public Carriage Office, part of Transport for London, Metropolitan Police Force and the Mayors Office.
  • Even our owner/operator is inspected by the PCO, as are all journey records.
  • All insurance certificates and driver records have to be produced during these inspections.
  • This PCO inspection is a deeper check than any other area in the UK and means that when booking with us you are safer than booking with any company based outside of London.
  • All Drivers are fully licensed, have had criminal record checks by the metropolitan police and have passed fitness medicals.
  • All cars used by us are inspected and tested by Ministry of Transport every six months.
  • Basic checks are done daily on our vehicles, including tyre wear, damage checks and internal inspection for cleanliness.
  • Safety Online: Our Booking Forms are secured and encrypted by SSL.

SAFETY NOTICE: To keep yourself safe...

  • Don't use unlicensed companies or individual drivers.
  • Make sure you book through a licensed operator - not through an individual driver.
  • Bookings made directly through a Private Hire Driver are illegal and also invalidate any insurance cover!
  • Do not use any UK company if you can't find a contact address or you can only find a telephone number that starts with '07' (UK Mobile/Cell phone number) as they are operating illegally!
  • All legitimate UK based companies are required to give full contact details, including addresses, and most give a land-line telephone number!

    WARNING: Last year over 150 women were sexually assaulted in illegal taxi's in the whole of the UK.
    Get a license number from anyone offering you Taxi rides, Airport Transfers, Minicab Journeys, Chauffeur or Private Hire. This is especially important if booked on the internet! Get an address too, in case of complaint.

BE SURE: Check before you book!

You can check any taxi or Private Hire Operator on the following PCO website to verify it.

(Enter the license Number. If the trading name is different
from the License Trading Name it may be false!)

Click Here
All Fully Licensed London Hire & Reward Companies are listed.
(There are No exceptions!)

Our Four Companies are Operated by a License Holder - Operator License Number 00891

('LAC', 'KGCGroup', 'LondonAirConnections and the 'Flying Purple Pig'').
Full License No 00891/03/06) Valid until Jan 2 2012.

KGC Group is working for a safer London