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Journey Times between London Airports and English Destinations - Click Here

An South England & Wales Map - Click Here

London Boroughs Explained - Click Here

South East England Map - Click Here

Central London Charge - Click Here



Journey Times
Times Are Not Guaranteed as depends and varies according to Traffic Condition at time of travel.
These times are a guide only and are the minimum times needed to travel.

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More Information & UK Maps


Maop of South East England






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South England & Wales (overview)

Most visitors to the UK think everything is close to London. The distance between towns outside of London can be timed at average 30-40mph

Central London ...
To Cambridge is 60 Miles,
To Oxford is 65 miles
To Cardiff is 160 Miles,
To Birmingham is 120 Miles minimum

Our roads are very crowded, but courteous!
Journey times can vary, especially in rush hours.

Did you know?...

  • Inside London average speed is 12miles an hour!
  • London has two cities - Westminster (Royalist) & Corporation of London (Commercial).
  • London was made the capital of England by the Roman invaders before Jesus Christ was born!










The Greater London Boroughs.






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There are 33 London Boroughs.
(or Corporations/Councils)

They are...

1.Barking and Dagenham 2.Barnet
3.Bexley 4.Brent
5.Bromley 6.Camden
7.Corporation of London(City) 8.Croydon (Most Southerly)
9.Ealing 10.Enfield (Most Northerly)
11.Greenwich 12.Hackney
13.Hammersmith & Fulham 14.Haringey (Most Easterly)
15.Harrow 16.Havering
17.Hillingdon (Most Westerly) 18. Hounslow
19.Islington 20.Kensington & Chelsea
21.Kingston-upon-Thames 22.Lambeth
23.Lewisham 24.Merton
25.Newham 26.Redbridge
27.Richmond upon Thames 28.Southwark
29.Sutton 30.Tower Hamlets
31.Waltham Forest 32.Wandsworth
33.Westminster (WestEnd)  

Did you know?...

  • The Corporation of London, known as the city of London, has a separate Police Force from the rest of (Metropolitan) London!
  • City Police have to be over 6 feet tall!
  • Metropolitan Police have no height restrictions
  • The City of London has it's own different local laws & is run by a Commercial Corporation!





South East England

London and Home Counties Map.

London Encircled by the M25, this map shows the 'Home Counties'.

England has many Motorways/Freeways! (marked in blue on map). The legal speed limit on Motorways is 70mph for Cars and 50mph for Heavy Goods Vehicles. This is not always the average speed though!
Our main roads (marked in green on map) are called 'A' roads and our secondary roads are 'B' roads. 'A' roads are either single carriageway(2 lane) with maximum speed of 30/40mph. or duel carriageway.(4 lane) with maximum speed limit if 30/60 mph. Both limits depend on signposts! 'B' roads are normally well maintained even if they seem not to lead anywhere! These are the roads in the country where you will see the most of our beautiful countryside - but also where you may get stuck behind a farm tractor! Don't be in a rush on 'B' roads, a high proportion of UK fatal accidents are on 'B' roads!

London Airport/M25 Mileage examples...
Gatwick Airport to Heathrow = 43.3miles
Heathrow to Luton = 37.6miles
Luton to Stansted = 36.1 miles (54.4miles by M1/M25/M11)
Stansted to Gatwick = 72miles

Did you know?...

  • The total M25 circumference is approx. 150 miles
  • Crossing London can take longer than driving to the City of Birmingham!
  • There is only one Toll bridge on the M25, the rest of London's Motorway system is completely Toll-free!

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The Congestion Charge...
started 17th February 2003.
(Updated Jan 2007: CHARGE IS NOW £8)
  • London Private Hire(Minicabs), London Taxis, London Buses & Emergency Services are exempt from the Congestion Charge & do not have to pay the congestion charge, so this means you don't pay £8 when you use Private Hire.
  • The Congestion Charge is to reduce traffic delays and it seems to have worked - it has also gained support for it's extension to the M25 borders. New Extension had a lot of local opposition, but it was pushed through to take effect from 1st Feb 2007.
  • However we have spoken to many of our colleagues and peers in and around London and the general consensus is that traffic surrounding the charge area has seen an increase in traffic, but was worse at the start of the first year than it is now, since drivers have found new routes!
  • Although at first the scheme did not seem to have the planning done correctly, it now seems that the scheme has indeed worked and could be successful extended to stop commuters clogging up Londoner's Roads and Lungs!

    Original Congestion Charging AreaMap of London Mayors New Congestion Charge Area.



    From 2003 until 2006, We asked our website visitors...
    "Do you think congestion charge is a good idea?"
    -Although the response was not that high, we got the following results...

    Generally people were skeptical about the system, whether it would work and whether it was just another tax. Although most thought the CC seemed to have reduced traffic in the Zone itself, the price was a little high and the Public Transport System needed to improve significantly to make it work better.

    Now the price for driving in London is £8.00 !!!

    Thanks for your comments - this topic is now closed and for website visitors reference only.

    When will congestion charging start?
    Congestion charging in central London started on 17 February 2003. New Western Zone starts February 2007.

    When will the charge apply?
    Congestion charging will apply between 7am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

    Where will the charge apply?
    The New 2007 boundary of the congestion charging zone is as follows...
    The 'Inner Ring Road' linking Euston Road, Pentonville Road, City Road, Commercial Street, Mansell Street, Tower Bridge, Elephant and Castle, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Embankment, Chelsea Embankment, Earl's Court Road(South of Pembroke Road). Holland Road, West Cross Route, Scrubs Lane, Harrow Road, A40 West Way, Marylebone Road back to Euston Road.

    Will I have to pay £8 every time I cross the boundary of the congestion charging zone?
    No, it's a daily charge! You will not have to pay £8 every time you cross the boundary of the congestion charging zone. If you have paid the charge for the day of your journey, you will be able to drive in and out of the zone as many times as you like. There are no tollbooths or gantries.

    What will happen if I drive in the zone but don't pay the charge?
    The charge is £8 if you pay by midnight on the day of travel or £10 if you pay by midnight the following charging day. If still not paid by midnight following the day of travel, and your vehicle has been identified by the cameras, the registered owner will be sent a Penalty Charge Notice for £60.00 which will be reduced to £30.00 if paid within 14days. If still unpaid by the 30th day, the law states that Transport for London can impound your car, and if the fine is not paid, and vehicle remains uncollected, after 3 months, the impounded vehicle will be crushed. (Our suggestion is to pay before entering the zone!)

    Can I help reduce congestion?

    • Park properly! Bad parking gives the local council more excuses to put more Traffic Warden on the streets to fine the rest of London's drivers who park sensibly and it clogs up the roads! Delivery Drivers are the worst at parking!!
    • Bus Drivers can pull right into Bus Stops and stop blocking the roads up! Most drivers will let you back in if you are courteous!
    • Drivers, let Public Transport Vehicles, Taxis and Minicabs in and out of traffic lines, at junctions, turnings & Bus Stops etc. Every passenger carried is one less car on the road to hold you up!!!
    • Stay out of yellow boxes at road junctions until the road ahead is clear!
    • If traffic light start to turn red/orange - STOP! You will be first to go again when they go green again and will catch up with the car in front again in no time!
    • If you are a pedestrian - stay out of the road - cross at proper marked crossings!
    • Cyclists - DO NOT JUMP RED LIGHTS! You only live once!!!
    • Stay out of bus lanes, even if they are no buses around you - cycles & Taxis use them too!
    • Get a Train, Cab/Taxi, Bus or buy a bicycle! - you'll be doing something for the environment and our Great City! (Plus bonus for your Health!)
    • Don't make unnecessary journeys, parents (MUMS!) - COLLECT YOUR KIDS BY FOOT, IT'S BETTER FOR THEM & YOU!
    And don't forget... SMILE!
    One smile can avoid confrontation & relieve stress!
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